A Closer Look at Transitional Rugs

A Closer Look at Transitional Rugs

Upon visiting various houses, you will see that there are some people who prefer modern decor whilst others would settle for a more traditional style. If you are the type of person who loves a little bit of both, you might find that it's difficult to strike the right balance. In fact without a lot of thought about the direction you want to take, costly mistakes can be made.

Fear not, for there is a trend in interior design that you can take advantage of called the transitional style. We'll help you gain a better understanding of it!

Understanding Transitional Style

When you take a look at the dictionary, the term transitional means in the middle or intermediary. With that said, we can say that transitional style refers to the interior decoration style that mixes contemporary design with historic or conventional ones.

When you take a look at furniture or decorations with transitional style, you can see that the patterns are quite playful and free. This style is not as extravagant as modern designs but it is not as plain or as boring as the conventional ones.

Brown transitional rug floral

Transitional Rug for Your Interior Needs

In the same way, a transitional rug is a mix of contemporary and conventional style. Given the fact that its design sits right in between, it offers a wide array of color, sizes, patterns and designs. With this, you will surely be able to find the best design for your needs. You can easily find more intricate designs or ones that can subtly boost the beauty of your home.

When it comes to choosing the perfect transitional rug for your needs, there are actually a few things that you must consider.

It’s best that you establish your theme first. Will it be New York loft style chic, or coastal cool and breeze? The possibilities are endless.

floral blue rug transitional

Choosing the right transitional rug may take a little time, but once you're there.....

Next, you will have to choose the perfect rug color or colors that suit your style. Transitional rugs come in a vast array of pallets to encompass all colors one may have in they’re decor. Busier schemed rooms with statement furniture might require a more simplistic color pallet than rooms which may need a burst of color or pattern to bring them alive.

Lastly you need to consider the size of the rug or rugs for the room. It’s always best to go for over-sized rugs or custom sized rugs for a more opulent look or even better to layer a few complementary rugs together to create that effortless bohemian look. Check out our Rug Buying Guide for rug sizing tips.

Transitional rugs are more than just for aesthetic purposes, they can also help add warmth to a home. More than that, it can also be useful in reducing the noise that the room receives whilst maximizing the warmth. This will definitely come in handy during the colder season. If your taste in decorating style is beyond ultra-modern but not yet into traditional, then transitional style rugs may just be the thing for you.

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