Outdoor Area Rug Sizing


Round, small, mats, and at times a lot of extra space to work with. Placing rugs outside can be a different ball game to indoor rugs. Let's have a look at the differences!

When you're dealing with outdoor rugs, sometimes less is more.

There's not so much need for illusion tactics as the space could very well be large anyway, and you probably have more windows or no walls at all to take care of that spacious feeling.


Outdoor Mat or Small Rug


Patio door mat placement

A round mat next to a doorway can look a little odd, so it's best to go with the traditional rectangle. If you do want to go with circular (and that can look great, especially with the Atrium range) put it away from the door and in a more central location.

Unlike some indoor rug settings where you want to have decor on the rugs, keep at least a meter of space between the rug and the nearest decor when dealing with small rugs or mats.

Medium Outdoor Space

If you have enough room and a small rug just doesn't cut it, try a medium sized rug. Measure out the space lengthwise that the main feature of the floor has.

It could be a swing, a sofa, two chairs, or nothing in particular. If there's no large decor, feel free to make your own judgement!

If there is a large focus somewhere on the edge of the floor, think about how it would look if the rug were slightly smaller than the edges of that object.

Overall, you're going to be pretty safe with a rug of around 290 x 200.

Medium sized outdoor rug placement

Large Sized Outdoor Space

When dealing with large outdoor areas and patios, you're usually able to get the best of both worlds! You can mix and match the rules of indoor and outdoor settings with greater ease.

Think about a triangle arrangement for your table if it's square. The size of the rug is quite flexible in this instance, but make sure the rug isn't too small!

We'll usually recommend a large rug of around 330 x 240 or 400 x 300 for an outdoor area. Don't forget to wash and air both sides out once in awhile!

Most outdoor rugs are fully reversible, so swap sides every month or so too.
Large sized outdoor rug placement

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