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Which Sizes do Hallway Runner Rugs Come in?

Which Sizes do Hallway Runner Rugs Come in?

Hallway runner rugs can be a little confusing, so we'd like to make a quick guide for you on how best to place them, which of our ranges have them available, and a few other general tips on how to best choose your rug to buy online with us.
The majority of hallway runner rugs we have available are in 300x80cm, 400x80cm, and in some cases such as the Evoke range - even 500x80cm...
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A Concise & Complete Guide to Traditional Rugs

A Concise & Complete Guide to Traditional Rugs

Rugs are something which people do not buy frequently, with high quality rugs even being passed down through generations. Rugs are also a linked to ancient traditions as they have been used in homes since 2000 BC. Traditional rugs have the benefit of being eco-friendly and they give a natural and soothing look to the room. This makes them a great choice for decorating the house without worrying about the carbon footprint.

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Various Rugs Throughout History - a Quick Overview

Various Rugs Throughout History - a Quick Overview

Do you know the origin of the rug that is currently gracing your living room?
Rugs have come a long way. Currently in modern times, rugs are made with a combination of artistic design, religious connotation and cultural design. These rugs can be passed from one generation to the other as heirlooms because of artistic nature and value, especially if the rug has been created in certain regions and by esteemed artisans...

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Buying Rugs Online Has Never Been Better

The Catwalk Rugs team is made up of rug specialists and interior designers with an eye for the latest trends. Many of our designer rugs are selected to complement specific designer furniture pieces of the moment, and go a long way in helping bring together the certain aesthetic you are trying to achieve for your space. It's never been easier to buy rugs online!

We work with a number of up-and-coming designers as well as established industry members who use us exclusively as their rug retailer when they need a prestigious designer rug for their clients. From Hallway Runner Rugs, Brink & Campman, to Rug Culture and even Ted Baker rugs.

We’re proud to be the premier online rug store for such a fantastic group of interior decorators and designers based in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide and Perth. Some of the rugs from our online shop have been featured in a variety of publications including Vogue Magazine, Inside Out, Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Living Magazine. We’ve even had some of our designer collections featured on The Block.

Away from the glamour and spotlight Catwalk Rugs has also been supplying our valued clients with superior quality floor coverings for many years. Offering free shipping on every rug as well as a free rug pad to eliminate slippages, it’s no wonder Catwalk Rugs has become the number one choice for online rug purchases Australia wide.

We understand how the buying experience is just as important as the purchase itself and many people can struggle to buy rugs online. We endeavour to leave a long lasting impression with all our customers. The designer rug you picked not a great fit? Send it back and pick another one - easy!

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