Dining Room Rug Size Guide

This guide will cover the dining room area for rug sizing and placement!

There are some spacing rules to be mindful of when buying for the dining room area. On top of this, your choice in design will probably change too. You probably won't want the same type of rug for the dining room as you would for the living room.

We'll address these below, but first here's four main tips to keep in mind when planning your dining room rug.


Small Dining Room Area

A main theme here is keeping the chairs on the rug, with enough spacing behind the chair to allow it to be pulled back without going off the rug. It's a mistake all too many people make, by not taking this into consideration. Generally, this spacing will be 45cm.

Let's have a look at the different arrangements!
medium sized rug under dining room table
If you have a smaller sized dining room, it's probably best to still stick with that spacing rule above. If the rug is smaller than the table, it's going to look a little unusual except in some special circumstance!

You're probably going to have two to four chairs in this arrangement, so just do a quick measure 45cm behind the rugs when they're pushed in under the table.

You'll then get an idea of the rug size you need! Recommended rug size for a smaller dining room is 300 x 200 cm.


Larger Sized Dining Room

If you have the luxury of having enough space for a large dining room, this is even easier. Still check the space you have behind your chairs when they're pushed in under the table.

The beauty of doing this is that you're automatically calculating the ratio of dining room table size to rug size at the same time.

A vertical positioning is still recommended. But then again, rules are sometimes made to be broken. If you think it could work in another arrangement, just contact us as we'll give you some advice.


Recommended rug size for a large dining room is 330 x 240 or 400 x 300.

large rug under dining room table
Tip: If you have a wooden table, traditional design can work beautifully alongside that decor!


Round Rug in a Dining Room

Round rugs are great for small to medium sized dining rooms!

They provide a central encompassing focal point to the room, whilst easily allowing for that 45cm of chair space to the edge of the rug.

Four chairs are normally recommended for a round rug. Any more, and the rug will be huge! Round rugs are more appealing when they are smaller in size, and if you want to go larger we'd probably recommend rectangular shaping.
round rug under dining table


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