Harlequin Rugs

HarlequinInterestingly enough, the word "Harlequin" has its origins based in French passion plays, representing mischievous little devils. The Harlequin persona came to the UK in the early 17th century and inspired the name of the leading UK based interior design brand we know today.
This shows in their innovative cheeky designs, which are often an exciting marriage of classic mixed with contemporary, daring blended with elegant; Harlequin’s works never fail to impress the style conscious individual.
Harlequin's rug collections are a prime example of what can happen when creative hand tufted individuality is joined with inspired design. Some of the latest adventures of Harlequins have splashed into the mischievous world of children’s rugs. Their design, on par with the playful nature of children, is well suited to creating unique memories for your little ones as they grow up experiencing the joys and wonders of life.

Our interior designers recommend using these rugs to complement other features within your room, such as matching the colours with your wallpaper, bedspreads or curtains. This works extremely well if you’re trying to create a bright themed room with a complementary aesthetic. Be careful making sure your pattern choices don’t negatively clash and add to much confusion to the overall design. Apart from that, let your creativity flow!
With free shipping Australia wide on all our designer rugs available through our online showroom, there’s never been a better time to buy that rug you’ve had your eye on. We also provide hassle free returns on all our rugs if you’re not completely satisfied with your choice.
As a selected partner, Catwalk Rugs is extremely proud and excited to be presenting these unique Harlequin rugs to you and we hope they will hold a special place in your heart and your child’s heart for years to come.

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