Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are specialty rugs designed with outdoor use in mind. These rugs have been designed to be durable, sun-resistant and robust, while still retaining a quality feel and fantastic look. They are also perfect for use in high traffic areas because of their increased durability. Our outdoor rug showcase will inspire you.

Perfect for outdoor settings, we have a huge range of outdoor rugs online that can cater to the specific themes of home décor you are trying to achieve. Browse now and discover our collection filled with effervescently coloured floor rugs, summer-inspired designs, striking geometrically shaped rugs, and more!

Most of our outdoor rug selection is made from recycled materials too so you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is helping reduce landfill. These rugs are machine made, meaning the strength of the weave is unquestionable.

Extend the beauty and functionality of your home to the outdoors with Catwalk Rug’s Australian collection of outdoor rugs. Browse through our selection and shop today!