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At Home Spring Special

Prussian BluebellGrey Rug

On October the 8th, we had our Bluebellgrey Prussion rug featured in The Weekly Review Spring Special 'At home'.


Sydney Cat Cafe

A match made in heaven, that was destined to happen.

Catwalk Rugs is providing Sydney Cat Cafe with rugs for their pop up shops from the 6th - 15th of August!
The selection of rugs was chosen by us to be a best match for the event, and our popular Gemini range was decided upon due to their durability, vibrant and fun nature which turned out absolutely perfect for the look they were going for.

We hope that everyone who did stop by the event had a great time and that our rugs helped set the mood and create some wonderful memories for their visitors.

Sydney Cat Cafe


Catwalk Rugs supports 1000 Hours!

1000 hours is a great organisation that attempts to promote change and growth in the awareness of those with Autism. 

Why support 1000 Hours? 

The future for children with autism can be significantly improved if they can access quality early intervention that meets best practice guidelines. This means both quality and quantity. Now is the time to have your say and support the next generation of children with autism and their families!

Catwalk Rugs Charity


As seen in Real Living Magazine: Reinvigorate your interiors... the change of each season. Choose new accessories, such as cushions and rugs, in a colour palette that compliments the weather.

We're in to seasonal trends here at Catwalk Rugs. It might seem like a bit of a task, but it's actually quite easy to match your vibe with the season with a few simple changes.

Real Living Season Shifts


As seen in Real Living: "Style & Texture"

Real Living Textures

Catwalk Rugs talks about colours & neutrals, style & texture, and how to effectively layer your rugs!
For anyone wanting to learn more about how to make stylish use of these three basic elements of design in their space.

As seen in Real Living:  "Define your space"

It's important to define your space, keep a theme, and make it your own.
Catwalk Rugs shows you how to do just that in the May edition of Real Living magazine.

Real Living Define your Space


The Design Library AU happened to notice us featured, and picked out a few of our rugs to display on their site!

Design LibraryFeatured was our Bluebellgray Abstract rug and Harlequin Nuru Tabasco.
The Design Library AU is Australia's up and coming interior design website, where "Interior design, renovation and style meet"!
Updated regularly with the latest in Australian design trends found across the web and a great source of original content and inspiration too.
Run by Liane Cooper, an interior designer with a self professed 'compulsive renovation habit', she lives and breathes design.
If you're looking for advice on your latest project she would be more than happy to personally help or point you in the right direction!


Nature Calls!

Nature has always been a go to source for fashion inspiration. With its limitless possibilities and unrivalled variety of fresh new ideas given life by this wonderful planet, it's hard not to be influenced by the creative power of mother nature!
In this edition of Real Living Magazine, we discuss how fashion trends often gain inspiration from nature. 

Real Living July 2015

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