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At Catwalk Rugs we have a huge selection of premium shaggy rugs available online in all colours, textures, styles and sizes. This is available to you, so that you can get that great shaggy feel under your feet with a design to bring your room to life.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make shaggy rugs work in your décor our showcases display some of the optimum ways to colour and match to your specific décor. Browse through for inspiration and ideas on how to make these iconic floor pieces work to make a statement in your homes living or recreational area.

For the uninitiated, shag rugs are a style of carpet that feature a deep pile giving the floor covering its iconic shaggy appearance. This design aesthetic is commonly associated with the 1960’s and 1970’s where shag carpets, wood panels, and lava lamps seemingly dominated the design space. It’s a common misconception that this style of rug making was invented during this period. However, the shag rug can be traced back to ancient Greece where flokati rugs were hand woven using goat hair in a similar shaggy fashion. This shaggy weave method was used as a way to add some extra comfort for guests who wished to relax on the floor without feeling cold.

The deep shag pile in the rugs can be achieved by using a few different carpet weaving methods. When weaved by hand, long strands of yarn a looped to achieve the shaggy appearance, which is similar to machine made methods which applying the same weaving principal, but instead they use hundreds of spindles to weave the shag pile into a thin mesh backing. Shag pile wool rugs are typically a little more expensive than other materials like microfiber, but you'll find they last much longer.

Shaggy rugs have seen a popular resurgence in recent years as people once again want to dig their toes into a comfortable and warm rug while also adding a messy quality to the otherwise sleek and straight lines of common contemporary furniture. Shaggy rugs ooze personality and add a funky and eclectic feeling to any space. Shop our collection of shaggy rugs online today and take advantage of our free shipping Australia wide.

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216 results

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