Rug Underlay

Catwalk Rugs recommend Supa Grip Rug Underlay is a reversible rug pad that may be used over Carpet floors. It provides a firm base to your rug and keeps it from slipping. Great for high traffic areas and under heavy furniture. Supa Grip Rug Underlay can be cut with scissors to any size or shape for unlimited uses around the home, car or boat.

Simply unfold the pad and peel. Both sides of Supa Grip are identical. Lay out pad in desired area and open your rug or mat on top.


  • Can be cut with scissors to any size or shape
  • Rubber Mesh will not discolour or damage your floor underneath
  • Makes Vacuuming easier by holding rug in place
  • Extends life of rug by preventing buckling

Just pick your flooring type and select a recommended size slightly smaller than your rug size and you're all set. This product along with all items on Catwalk Rugs, ships free Australia wide.