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Matrix Rugs, now available - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Matrix Rugs, now available - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

The Matrix collection is markedly different to most of our existing ranges.

Every rug delicately balances just the right colour combinations to create something new and exciting just as we've come to expect from Rug Culture year to year as they continue to explore the latest in Australian rug trends, this time focusing entirely on geometric patterns comprised of ...

Triangle Rug


Diamond Rug


and jagged patterns...

jagged pattern rug brown and black

...this is one of our bolder rug ranges that isn't afraid to be a little different.

The Matrix range is also one of the few ranges available in both round and runner sizing, giving even more variation and possibilities to an already exciting lineup.

Round and Runner available

Made of 100% wool and a pile height of 20mm with pricing starting at just $199, this rug is amazing value for money!

Sophisticated patterns and colours in different variations with each piece individually different to the last, expertly hand tufted in India and one of our hottest ranges this season.

Made by Rug Culture - the latest Australian brand making waves in Australia and fast becoming a leading trend setter in flooring fashion!

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