Rug Buying Guide


"Click a tile to learn more about the different rug fibre types, country of origin, sizing guides and construction process of rugs"

We've been busy building our library of information to help you explore the finer points of rug making. The fibres, construction, and origin of the each rug help to define its' style and usefulness for a particular application in your home. We have dedicated many hours researching, curating and publishing this guide to rug buying, trying to encapsulate as much of the hard work, and unique characteristics that go into making a rug.

Starting with The History of Rug Making, We've provided an overview of the Oriental carpet belt, and what time periods through history signify the shift from antique rugs to modern rug-making. The history gives a sound overview or the different rug-making regions in the world, but if you're after a more in-depth regional analysis exploring rug styles across the world may be what you're after. If you already have a region of interest in mind, use the tiles below to select your country of origin.

If designer rugs are what you're after, you can't go past our comprehensive 'designer rug guide' which features in-depth coverage of the most popular rug designers in the world. This is the place to go to find what rug designs are on trend, as well as researching the techniques and origins of the high-end floor rug manufacturers. Our luxury guide to designer rugs is always expanding to include the latest brands so check back every so often to stay up to date! You can also explore our designer rug collection here.

Rug Fibres

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"Learn all about the different types of rug fibres, their properties and characteristics"

Rug Construction

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"Different construction methods will create a vastly different rug.
Learn which one is right for you"

Country of Origin

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"The story of your rug and where it was made.
The strengths of each countries techniques"

Sizing Guide

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"Not sure which size rug to choose? You've come to the right place"