Top Rug Trends This Coming Season - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Top Rug Trends This Coming Season - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Choosing the right rug for your home is often an important decision. A rug will completely change the look of any space. The world of floor fashion is constantly evolving, and to assist you in making an informed decision, we outline the latest rug trends this coming year.

Our team has drawn their findings from the catwalk, social and print media, not to mention their own valuable experience in the industry. You’ll find modern takes on the classics, bold geometric designs, and romantic florals are just some of the trends that have taken hold this season.


This bold geometric zig-zag design is one of our hottest design trends at the moment. A true statement rug, you can work chevron into just about any setting. Go for a clean look with a black and white rug and add little pops of highlight colours with cushions or wall art. Or get eclectic with a multi colour chevron stripe which will add a distinctive wow factor to your room.

Chevron geometric rugs


It’s an ode to blue this season, with this cool hue making its way across all sections of the fashion industry. Whether you want to be subtle or make a statement, choosing a rug to complement your decor is easy.


Ikat is a decorative dying technique which is achieved by tie-dying the yarns. This incredibly popular trend has taken the whole fashion industry by storm, presenting across all sectors from clothing, accessories and home decor. Ikat translates so beautifully onto rugs, characterized by feathered geometric designs, available in both muted and vibrant tones.


Dainty and over-sized florals are making their way to floors all over the country. Whether it’s dramatic large scale flowers or delicate little blooms, this trend is guaranteed to bring romance and femininity to your home.

Floral Rug Pattern


‘Over-dyed’ is the look achieved by completely dying the rug, once or multiple times. We’re finding this trend particularly prominent in traditional designs, married with bright colours. Developments in technology have seen some incredible examples of this where the classic beauty of a traditional rug is depicted in an exciting new age style, with more ‘open’ designs and all over colours – a revival of old world charm.

Not sure which size rug to choose? Check out our Rug Buying Guide here.

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