Kids range addition: Gumball - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Kids range addition: Gumball - The Catwalk Rugs Journal


The Gumball range gets its name from an enchantingly unique textured ball design, with each individual ball being felted by hand and expertly stitched together. Consisting of a myriad of exciting colours - this rug is playful, fun, and the perfect answer to a space looking for both texture and colour.


Child playing on kids rug


Available now in rectangular sizing of 


and round sizing of


Despite being hand made, this rug is surprisingly cheap starting at just $240 for both round and rectangle variations. Brought to you by one of our best selling brands - Rug Culture!


overhead shot of kid on rug


A truly unique texture

One of the biggest draws to this rug is the amazingly fun and unique texture that kids will absolutely love. Containing every colour of the rainbow


A corner shot of our Perfectly square gumball rug variation, contrasted with circular gumballs hand stitched into one of the best kid rugs we've stocked to date!
This rug is 30mm high - comparable to most shag rugs. We've found that children prefer the look and feel of thicker rugs for the touch aspect so we've kept this in mind with the overall design.



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