When should I use an Acrylic rug?

Out of all of the Synthetic fibres, Acrylic is the most similar to wool in both appearance and feel!


These rugs are great for

Play roomsWhere Acrylic Rugs should be placed
Computer rooms
Rumpus rooms
Family Rooms
Low traffic areas
Low traffic office areas

These rugs are not so great for

High traffic areasWhere not to place acrylic rugs
Busy Office areas
Wet Areas
Outdoor Use


This material has some great characteristics including the look and feel of wool at a low cost, a similar feeling to wool, not susceptible to moth damage, weather resistant, resists static and stains, easy to clean. Acrylic is also the material mostly use for hand tufted rugs
Increasing in popularity in the 60's, acrylic became a popular alternative to wool rugs. Due to their similar feel and look, their title of 'closest substitute' is well deserved! Other names for this material are Creslan, Orlon and Acrilan.

pink acrylic bunny rugSome downsides to be aware of is that this material isn't as durable as wool so if the rug is placed within a high traffic area you could find that the strands become fuzzy over time. 
Although they do have all of those resistant properties, we still wouldn't recommend them to be used as outdoor rugs due to their often long pile composition.
They still look and feel like an indoor rug, so would probably look a bit out of place outside.

Acrylic is also stained by oil and grease.

You'll often find Acrylic rugs in the form of scatter mats being used in the bathroom as they will dry very quickly. Just don't get them too wet, as most of them have a cotton backing! We don't recommend them for kitchen use as this is where oil and grease lives.