Your complete guide to Hand Tufted Rugs

Durability - 3 to 10 years +
Manufacturing time - 3 to 5 months

As a more cost effective alternative to hand knotted rugs, the hand tufted rug could be what you're after. Have a read through it's strengths and weakness here, along with the construction method. You'll notice a bit of variation in the price with these types of rugs. This largely depends on the material used in construction, with acrylic being the cheaper option.

These rugs are usually made from either one of the following materials:

Acrylic Fibre
wool fiber

Sometimes a combination of wool rug fibre and acrylic rug fibre is used too. This helps to blend the particular strengths of each fibre in to the one rug. This construction method doesn't require as much skill as hand knotted rugs. Their longevity is also shorter than that of a hand knotted rug but will still normally last a good 10 years or so.

How are hand tufted rugs made?

This construction method employs the use of a 'gun', which is a tool that is operated by hand and allows the artisan to punch strands of fibre into a canvas that is stretched across a frame.

Before this happens a design for the rug is drawn on to the canvas, almost like a template. The pattern is then filled in with the correct colours as instructed by the design. Once this is complete and the 'rug pile' is there - the rug is taken off of the frame and a fabric is glued on to the back of the rug. This helps all of the fibres stay in place that have been shot in using the gun mentioned just above.

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