Living Room Rug Placement

The size of the rug you should be looking at depends on both the size of space, and the furniture arrangement.


Small Living Room

small living room rug placement
Smaller living room? Not a problem.

Get a smaller rug, and have the legs of the sofa or chairs about 10-15 cm off of the rug. The coffee table can still go in the middle, but a smaller table is probably preferred. Coffee table is optional! But traditionally, they have been used to bring the pieces together.

There are countless situations where not having a coffee table can work perfectly well, so don't worry if you're not using one!

Recommended rug size for a smaller living room is 170 x 120 or 230 x 160.


Medium Sized Living Room

Front legs on, back legs off!

Connection and flow is part of design, and placing only the legs on the size of the rug can really help to tie things in together.

Have a look at magazines such as Real Living to see what they're doing with rugs there and you'll probably see a lot of images using this method.
Real Living Rug
Having the back legs off creates a good sense of proportion, and can even make the space look larger than it actually is.

Recommended rug size for a medium sized living room is 290 x 200.
rug under a larger coffee table

Large Size Living Room

All legs on the rug!

This size pulls everything together and makes the rug more of a defining element in a room. A large rug done right, with correct spacing can absolutely change the look and feel of a room for the better.

One problem people can have with larger living rooms is that due to the size, the decor can feel a bit disjointed. A large rug is normally the easiest way to resolve this.

Recommended rug size for a large living room is 330 x 240 or 400 x 300.
All legs on the rug

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