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Fashion Comes Home: Fashion to Floor: As seen in Real Living Magazine - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Fashion Comes Home: Fashion to Floor: As seen in Real Living Magazine - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Nature calls!

Nature has always been a go to source for fashion inspiration. With it's limitless possibilities and unrivaled variety of fresh new ideas given life by this wonderful planet, it's hard not to be influenced by the creative power of mother nature!

Examples in the wild


The Catwalk Rugs range has simplistic design that draws upon the outdoor theme of the word 'nomad' itself.
Nomad and some of our other rugs have been inspired by the simple black and white elements that can be sometimes found in nature, such as the Magpie or Zebra.

Fashion mimics nature

This is just one creation of nature from an almost unlimited pool of possibility to draw upon.

Danielle MagpieSome are inspired by nature and seek to bring that into their homes, some want to study it, and some just have a true love and fascination for one particular facet of nature, such as Danielle who has devoted many years to befriending and photographing Magpies!

Trends will often start by observing nature and then trickle into all aspects of design and fashion. Anyone remember leopard print?

Bold Graphic

Bold and the beautiful?
If you're wanting something eye catching, you'll probably want to check out some bold geometric rugs that can make a statement with ease.

Make a Bold Statement

Geometrics have been trending in fashion recently, and easily translates to some great ideas for the floor too!
Geometrics don't have to be complicated, and can be as simple as well placed and coloured shapes designed to find a place and blend well with existing surroundings.

The purpose of geometries is to add visual impact in a space that demands it, and in ways that other design can't.

Nature and Fashion Comparison

Tribal Eclectic


Move to the Rhythm of Fashion

This style borrows from the rustic, cultural and natural themes that are also making a comeback!
Tribal Eclectic can be a powerful tool for showing off your personal feelings, tastes and creativity.

Tribal and eclectic rug in fashion

Definitely think of focusing on this theme if your space is already a bit rustic, you have some wood decor/colour there, and you don't mind experimenting with style! Some of the best fashion ideas are born from mixing it up a little and sometimes it pays off to dare to be different.

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