Which Sizes do Hallway Runner Rugs Come in?

Which Sizes do Hallway Runner Rugs Come in?

Hallway runner rugs can be a little confusing, so we'd like to make a quick guide for you on how best to place them, which of our ranges have them available, and a few other general tips on how to best choose your rug to buy online with us.

The majority of hallway runner rugs we have available are in 300x80cm, 400x80cm, and in some cases such as the Evoke range - even 500x80cm.

They perhaps require a little more planning than rectangular rugs, but with hallways the payoff can be huge if done right! Hallways are often a little lonely and bare so runner rugs can be the absolutely perfect solution you've been looking for to breathe new life into your hallway.

A great place to start is taking a look at what we've done with our style shots...

hallway rug brink and campman

We're going to strangely enough start with an image of a runner rug that isn't in a hallway just to show how effective they can be, depending on the situation.

When placing a rug it's important to think outside of the box sometimes. Your creativity, combined with the rugs creatvitiy = the 'wow' factor so many people try to find.

That should be the ultimate goal for any interior designer or person wishing to choose the perfect rug!

In short, a runner rug can also be used to draw attention and outline a specific pathway - not necessarily placed within a hallway, but just a general pathway you would like people to be taking within a large space.

They can also of course be used in spaces that just have a narrow gap that wouldn't fit a rectangular rug.

black and white runner rug

Let's quickly touch upon colour, a basic design element to keep in mind at all times regardless of which type of rug you're buying.

A great example is shown within the image to the left, whereby bright and bold colours would take too much away from the existing setting that already is full of texture and its own style. When this occurs, it's best to 'blend' the rug into the scenery and not overwhelm the eye.

When choosing a runner rug, think of your surroundings and ask yourself if this new rug should be a centerpiece or a compliment to the existing decor surroundings?

Perhaps the easiest decision is the sizing. 300, 400, or 500cm long? A simple measurement prior to purchase should instantly give you a good idea of which sizing you're going to need.


Which Rugs Come in Runner Sizing?

Some collections are specifically selected to be adorned with runner sizing.
The sizings of 300x80 and 400x80 are to numerous to mention here, so we're going to just stick with which collections come in the longest size of 500x80cm.






A Traditional Affair

You'll notice that many of the rugs within the runner ranges are rather traditional in style. This is because err... traditionally, runner rugs have had a more classic look. You will find a few exceptions to this within the Brink & Campman range though. Here's an easy link if you're interested in checking them out.

If you're set on having a rug that's a little different to the standard sizes we offer, then you always have the option of custom sizing. This will enable you to go a little over 80cm or have a very specific length. Be sure to read the custom sizing link above first though as there are a few important things to note!

Spacing is important, but we've found that 80cm wide should easily accomodate the size of most hallways by far. A great element of hallways is that it doesn't matter too much how much space you have on either side of the rug there. It will always look good.

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