The Eternal Rug

The Eternal Rug

Eternals just landed at Catwalk Rugs as one of the latest offerings from Rug Culture Australia. What Eternal brings is a splash of traditional combined with modern and with each entry focusing upon a distinct colour - ensuring that you'll be able to find the right match for your space if you're in the market for a traditional rug.

A total of eleven stunning traditional themed designs are available within this new collection that highlights vivid colour, which within a traditional range - is something special and a contrast to most traditionally themed rugs that rely upon more neutral colours.

stonewashed rug look

Power loomed constructions ensures precision in every piece and tip sheared by hand, as seen above, to give a distressed finish that recreates the look of an authentic, vintage Persian rug that has been stonewashed and overdyed for a modern look - at a fraction of the cost!

Let's take a look at some pieces within the Eternal range...


Tip shearing is a special method of rug alteration that gives the Eternal collection a genuine faded look - usually reserved for traditional design. This has been done by hand on each individual rug so that no two are the same.

Something of important note that we haven't mentioned yet - this rug is also 50% cotton!
A mix of polyester and cotton is what makes the Eternal range, which lends both durability and comfort. 

Available in rectangle sizing of 230x160cm, 290x200cm, 330x240cm, 400x300cm and in the runner sizings of 300x80cm, 400x80cm.

back of the rug

A sign of quality, the pattern is easily seen on the back of the rug. With a pile height of 6mm, a clean flat look is produced that replicates the look of genuine traditional rugs that is further amplified by the tip shearing effect.

Check out the whole Eternal range here at the link below:

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