How to pick a good runner rug - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

How to pick a good runner rug - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Striped runner rugWhat are the signs of a good runner rug?

How can they enhance your space?

What are the different types of hallway runners?

Let's get started on answering these frequently asked questions!



What are the signs of a good runner rug?

Runner rugs are of course a different size to your regular rectangular rugs. With this, can come a few problems if the rug is cheaply made. Things to watch out for:

  • Bad Materials. The materials used to create a rug are of huge importance. Ever wonder why wool rugs are more expensive? Wool adds weight, softness, durability and just an overall high quality finish to a rug. Cheap polypropylene runner rugs should be avoided in particular, whereas High quality heat set polypropylene rugs are fine.

  • Curling at the corners. This is actually fairly normal for some runner rugs as they've most likely been in a warehouse wrapped up tightly prior to shipping to you. However, the curling shouldn't stick around for too long unless the rug is cheap. To help negate this and speed up the process of flattening, try some weighted books on the end where the curling is occurring.
    If the rug is made from heat set polypropylene, wool, or any other good material - curling should subside relatively quickly.

  • Clean edges. A runner rug should have clean well defined edges that are free from defects. During the construction process of flat-weave runner rugs, some slight variations can occur due to the way these particular rugs are made. When our customers are ordering a custom sized flat weave rug we'll always remind them of this! With machine made rugs, wool rugs or any other high quality material - the rug should be quite straight.


 How can runner rugs enhance your space?

multi colour wool runner in lounge room settingThe fact is, most hallways benefit greatly from having a runner rug. The hardest part is finding a rug that will tie in with that picture hanging, or ornament on the side table. But when you do - you'll have a match made in heaven!

Apart from the looks, there's comfort. Walking down a cold hallway floor at night isn't the best of experiences so a nice runner rug that both looks and feels great can make that midnight snack a much more pleasant trip.


What are the different types of runner rugs?

Here at Catwalk Rugs we have runner rugs of all types along with custom sizing being available for many!

One of many within our new Atrium Range of Jute Rugs. 


Part of the Nomad collection and able to be custom sized.
This collection focuses heavily on simple stylish patterns and shapes.

Chevron runner rug

The Gemini range is vibrant, funky and fun.
Made of heat set polypropylene, we're sure you'll love the dynamic variance in this popular collection.

checkered runner rug


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