Rug Culture: The top three collections to buy online - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Rug Culture: The top three collections to buy online - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Rug Culture is an amazingly flexible, durable, cost effective and last but not least - stylish brand that does very well here at Catwalk Rugs. 

Many of their rugs are fully reversible and easier to clean than a non stick frypan!

Here's a quick list of the top three Rug Culture collections we'd recommend checking out:

The Atrium Range

"I need a floor rug. Just something to add a bit of colour to this part of the floor. I don't really want to spend that much on it either."

It looks like a lot of people are thinking that, based on the popularity of the Atrium range.

Atrium Yellow Round Rugs

We know what people want, and this collection been designed to specifically fulfill the thought above

Why is it popular?

It's durable, and most people having that 'I need an easy durable rug' thought will be placing it in high traffic areas, or using the atrium as an outdoor area decoration.

Because we want these area rugs to be versatile and able to go pretty much anywhere and blend with any space, they come in 9 different colours.

Jute! This popular material is, eco-friendly (click to learn more about eco-friendly), adds to the durability of the rug and makes cleaning a breeze.

Nomad Range

The nomad collection actually has a lot of similar properties to the previous range.  Simply stylish, cost effective, durable and can be used outdoors.

The main difference is in the construction, being flat-weave hand knotted and wool.

Why are these flying off the shelves and on to customer floors?

Rug Culture Nomad Rugs Stacked

Again, they're pretty cost effective and versatile just like the Atrium range. They can be used outdoors and come in a wide range of colours. In fact, there's about 150 rugs in the nomad range on Catwalk alone!

These are the entry level woolen rugs to be looking at if you want an easy solution, but still want to stay in the world of the woolen.

Finally, they just look great. Their design is simple, but nomad rugs know how to use what they have. Sometimes a simple geometric pattern is all you need to spice up a space. 

Outdoor Rugs and the Marquee collection

Given that our other two most popular rug culture collections verge on the category of outdoor rugs, it's only natural that our range officially classified as outdoor - "Marquee" would be here!

Marquee Rug Collection

The marquee range is Modern, and contains 24 rugs of varying styles, shapes, sizes and colour.

Why are outdoor rugs popular?

Due to their polypropylene material (one of the only materials suitable for outdoor ), they're fine to be placed outdoors on a balcony under cover and hopefully getting a bit of sunlight too - just so long as you keep an eye on them once in awhile. Learn more about Polypropylene rugs here

Olefin Fibre Wiki Entry

In fact, the olefin fibers within polypropylene are amazing at resisting sun damage and mould. To clean these you'll only need to hose them off and air dry!

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