The beautiful Anastasia collection has arrived at Catwalk Rugs, and we're excited.
Classic charm with faded timeless patterns on a colour palette that blend with these designs so amazingly well!

Another trending collection created by one of our top Australian brands - Rug Culture.

100% Heat Set Polypropylene, machine made, and available in six different variations.


Have you heard? Pastels are in. One of our favorites from this new range.

Pastel collage


Silver highlights upon a fairly neutral palette make this rug easy to match existing decor. 

Silver collage


Blue and cream upon a design with traditional undertones.

blue rug collage


A beautiful ivory based addition to the Anastasia line-up that would work amazingly well in wood based settings.

Ivory rug collage


Mist takes a slightly different direction, with subtle patterning upon a dominant green/grey background. 

Anastasia Mist


Sand features an almost Egyptian hieroglyph design upon a sandy yellow theme.
A particularly special rug that adds culture to a space.

Anastasia Sand

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