Rug Layering Goals to Keep in Mind

Rug Layering Goals to Keep in Mind

We all know that shopping for a single rug is already a challenging task with the thousands of rugs out there, shopping for two rugs will surely drive you crazy. Despite this fact, you will be amazed at the incredible benefits that you can get from piling rugs on top of one another, which is a term called ‘layering’. With a simple rug layering technique, you can address different dilemmas in your home, however, there are a few things to keep in mind when you layer your rugs.

For achieving the perfect rug layering effect, here are some goals that you should keep in mind:

Define a space

Today, the minimalist interior design style is starting to conquer the entire design industry.

If you wish to go for the open space floor plan, there are lots of amazing benefits that you can enjoy, however, you can also encounter various disadvantages.

One of these is the fact that it is quite difficult for you to define a single area in your home. If you fail to do this, your living space will look unstructured and unfinished. When you layer up rugs like a neutral rectangular shaped rug with a cowhide rug, you’ll find the area ‘highlighted’ or encompassed by the rug. With this, you can make the design feel intentional instead of just going with the flow.

Cowhide Rug Black and White

Place contrasting styles and colours

With the different types, styles, sizes and shapes of rugs, you can find the perfect rug combinations that you can layer up. In the event that you cannot find the perfect rugs to layer, then have some pieces customized for your needs. If you wish to create that undone feeling and ambiance, then you can pair up rugs that are too different from one another. The look of your room will be completely altered with this rustic, and sometimes eccentric look.

Add texture

Rug layering is not just about adding colour or a pattern into the room. For a much more effective and noticeable interior design effect, its recommended that you combine rugs with different textures.

Skandinavian Rugs multi colour stacked

Tired of seeing plain and boring area rugs in your room? Don't remove it. Instead, add a sheepskin layer to make your room look a lot more striking.

Scale a rug

Neutral rugs can have a great effect on your room. If you have an eye catching yet small area rug, you can easily make it more noticeable by piling it on top of your neutral coloured rug. By doing this, you can be able to frame the small area rug and also, be able to cover a larger floor area.

Keep these goals in mind when layering your rug and you’ll be layering rugs like an interior design champion!

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