Cowhide Rugs

We have a huge collection of cowhide rugs online in various sizes with the latest styles and designs perfect to suit any home. A cowhide leather rug offers the fantastic feel of authentic cow skin under your feet and with a plethora of options and designs available you’ll be able to find the perfect rug to match your home décor.

Colourful cowhide rugs are the heart and soul of the growing interior design trend aptly named ‘Cowboy Chic’. The silky smooth texture of the cowhide combined with the earthy brown, black and white tones adds a luxurious western feel to any space.

If you are a fan of the feel of a cowhide rug but want to add a bigger colour statement to your space, consider some of our unique patchwork rugs which feature a beautiful combination of dyed cowhide pieces. Or perhaps the simplistic patterns of natural cow hides is what grabs your attention? In this case, try pairing our natural coloured cowhide rugs in an area that features bold colours as a way of filling the space with an interesting aesthetic that compliments the existing décor.

Cowhide floor coverings are typically low maintenance. They’re resistant to staining and simple to clean. For day to day cleaning a quick vacuum or a shake will do the trick and any undesirable smells can usually be eliminated by hanging the cowhide for a day or two in the sun.

We all know cowhide rugs make great floor coverings, but there is also a growing trend among designers to use cowhides as feature wall pieces. Hanging a cowhide in your space can add a strong masculine presence to your room as it induces associations among your guests of rugged cowboys and hunters from a bygone era.

Whatever your intentions for your cowhide rug, it will surely give your home that desired designer feel. With free shipping Australia wide on all our cowhides and hassle free returns if you’re not completely satisfied there’s no better time to buy a cowhide!

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