Winter is coming: Time to get shaggy - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Winter is coming: Time to get shaggy - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Winter is coming, and with it a seasonal change in the tastes of our buyers here at Catwalk Rugs.

Looking for a shag rug online? 

Which shag rugs are at the top of the list this 2016 winter season in rug flooring fashion?

You've come to the right place, as we'll be featuring the biggest brands and what they have to offer this Winter within our journal over the next couple of weeks.

three rugs standing uprightBrink and Campman shag rugs have always been a huge hit and our most premium range of long pile rugs to date.
Extremely well made, durable, 100% wool, perfect textures, and with vivid long lasting colours.

Let's explore the different collections within the Brink & Campman range. You may be surprised at the different variations available!

To view them all at once and skip ahead, here is a direct link to the full Brink & Campman Shag range:

Long Pile Shag Rugs

Shag rugs don't always have to be fluffy and extremely soft. A great example of this would be the gravel mix rug. This rug captures shag rug simplicity perfectly, with black and white strands and a surprising texture that feels amazing underfoot.

Gravel Mix

Also available in different colour combinations...

multicolored shag rug

And solid colours too, such as the beautiful and ever popular Pearl Shag Rug...

pink shag rug

Loop Pile Shag Rugs

For those of you wanting something a little different to your average shag rug that screams individuality, check out these unique shag rugs with each design being hand tufted with a coarse loop pile.

looped pile rug

A detailed close up allows us to inspect the craftsmanship of the loop pile. Notice the lack of loose wool strands, the density and uniform height of the loops. Brink & Campman is known for consistent quality throughout all of their collections. 

loop pile close up

Short Pile Shag Rugs

If long pile and loop pile isn't your thing but still want something a bit more plush and higher than your average rug, try a short pile shag rug. With the best of both worlds, you'll still get a soft luxurious feeling underfoot and a greater range of complexity in design thanks to the shorter pile.

Short pile shag rug


A shorter pile means designs will hold and maintain it's look. With a longer pile, designs are harder to place as they can shift around too much due to the longer strands.
If you want the best of both worlds - longer than average pile height for comfort underfoot, and still have beautiful designs upon your floor - then a short pile shag rug may be for you.

Rug design










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