The Benefits of Rug Pads


Did you know Yoga mats originated from Rug Pads? They're not quite as thick, and you won't notice they are there but they'll be silently working their magic well after buying your rug.
If you have a hard floor, these become even more necessary - so keep reading below to learn more about this seriously undervalued and overlooked rug companion!

Using our Rug Pad is the best way of protecting your investment and this is why:


Stop Rugs from Walking Away

The most common use of Rug Pads has to do with safety for those walking on our rugs. Rug Pads are especially good for high traffic areas such as hallways, lounge rooms or areas where kids may be playing. Without Rug Pads, rugs tend to slip and slide around if they are unweighted (with a dining table or coffee table) and can pose a trip hazard. Not only is a Rug Pad important in the home, it should ALWAYS be used in commercial environments like the office or lobby for the benefit of public safety.

Saving Wear on Rugs and your Floors

Experts have noted that using Rug Pads saves a lot of wear and tear on rugs and your wooden floors. As you walk on rugs without a Rug Pad in place, you grind the backing of the rug against your wooden (or any other natural floor covering) floors. Over time, the friction between the back of the rug and your floors will create a grey outline where the floor has been etched by the rug. Having the Rug Pad as a buffer in place protects the rug and floor alike.


Giving Your Rug Room to Breathe

Rug Pads also help to ventilate the area between the rug and the floor. Without one of these pads, bacteria and mildew can build up under a rug over time. This has to do with the moisture and temperatures in the living space, but with a Rug Pad securely installed under the rug, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding decay.


Walking on air

Rug Pads add a level of softness to the floor, so that your steps are just a little bit more cushioned. Walking on a rug with additional supports can be more comfortable than padding across a thin runner covering a hard floor. A Rug Pad will also add more substance to our popular flat woven rugs which don’t have the density of piled rugs.


Rug Sound Dampening

By adding density to the rug, our Rug Pads help with sound reduction and deadening. When you have a lot of people tramping through any space, getting the right floor coverings can help minimize the amount of noise that is generated around the home. A Rug Pad is highly recommended for apartment living where you often have neighbours living underneath.

You can now appreciate why at Catwalk Rugs we feel its imperative for all rugs to be accompanied by a Rug Pad. Got any questions about protecting your rugs or floors? Ask our experts at

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