Pakistani Rugs

These rugs, also known as Pakistani carpets, are traditionally made floor-covering textiles made in the country of Pakistan. Weaving became popular in the area now known as Pakistan before most other civilizations, and may have been where the skill was first developed.

Some historians believe that weaving was introduced into the region by Muslim conquerors back in the 11th Century, while other consider the Indus Valley the area where the art first originated, from where it was spread throughout the world.

During the 16th Century rugs made on the Indian subcontinent, including those of Pakistani origin became so popular that demand for them spread across the seas. These rugs featured colourful, distinctive designs, and high knot densities, which made them tough and durable.

Carpets made in Lahore were the first to be exported to European countries. These rugs found their way west to as far away as England in the 17th Century. During the British colonial times, prisoners in jails in Lahore and Karachi were taught to weave, and after the partition of India, the rug weaving industry in Pakistan outside of the prisons boomed.

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