Multi coloured rugs are the latest trend to emerge in the home and even the business space. An all-embracing infusion of two worlds, that is, contemporary and traditional, multi coloured rugs will add a unique and luxurious touch to your place. Typically multi coloured can be any style from history all the way through to now with a modern twist. But this type of interior design will often incorporate a collection of classic patterns with new style or colour combination not commonly seen in the rug world.

Peruse our carefully curated collection of multi coloured rugs now and discover a world of intricately hand woven rugs, welcoming woollen rugs, vibrantly coloured floor rugs and so much more. Any of these multi coloured styles can be used to make a lasting impact within your home or place of business. They venture away from commonly used pattern and colour combinations to breathe some freshness and vibrancy to the classic hand knotted construction.

These rug designs have stood the test of time, find their way into homes all over the world. The subcontinent inspiration including Afghan and Persian influences is obvious in many styles and adds extra character to every rug. The clash between contemporary and traditional influences makes for an exciting floor piece capable of matching any home décor.

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