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Bluebellgray was established in 2009 by Fiona Douglas, who continues a vision based on her love of floral patterns and pairing these with a unique 'painted' look. Her designs are modern, yet can easily go alongside more vintage settings as demonstrated in the images below.

Bluebellgray rugs will typically satisfy an audience that is looking for something a bit more unique, relaxing and homely to complement their existing themes. Fiona's artistic mindset doesn't stop at design alone, as she places a huge emphasis on the quality of materials used so that they may be worthy of her inspired floral visions. This integrity and quality has been recognised by fashion minded individuals the world over.

Of special note is that each and every design is hand painted before being transferred onto natural cottons and linens using cutting edge printing technology. Even the process of design alone is a fascinating combination mixing the old and the new, the modern and the vintage. This process hints at one possible reason as to why Fiona's rug designs can have such a rare dualistic nature.

Bluebellgray rugs commonly feature abstract designs with an emphasis on fresh colour. Expect to see floral themes, painted canvas effects and more in this beautiful and uplifting range. Works of art by this talented designer translate beautifully to the rugs and look just like a water colour painting. A true statement rug, Bluebellgray is a very special rug collection that evokes beauty and femininity.

More than a rug, each Bluebellgray item is truly a piece of art. For a floor worth taking a moment to stop and admire, these rugs are an obvious choice. With free shipping available Australia wide for all of our designer rugs featured in our online store, there has never been a better time to buy a new rug!



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