Handmade Persian Balouchi Rugs

An interesting style that primarily exists as an area Persian rug is the Baluch. These rugs originate from the mixture of three different regions, giving them a distinct style that's adopted several different cultures into its designs. They go well both as tapestries as well as floor mats. The Baluch rug's size is perfect for filling up the gap of non-decorated space in your homes. These rugs can make any environment a bit more warm and cozy, adding a little antiquity, and perhaps even something to talk about during tea breaks. These rustic Baluch rugs are an Oriental rug you should definitely consider looking into.

The materials commonly used in the Baluch rugs are cotton, wool, and occasionally goat or camel hairs. The piles normally consisted of wool though silk was sometimes added to make these rugs luxurious and expensive. In older pieces, the wraps were made of wool while the wefts were lighter in colour. In the newer pieces, the wefts are a brownish tone which was sometimes found to be cotton. Similar to most Persian rugs, these Baluch rugs are woven with asymmetrical knots. Each rug has a knot count of over 100 knots per square inches. A normal area sized rugs can take up to ten months with four or five weavers working almost six hours every day.

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