Asiatic Rugs

AsiaticAsiatic is one of our newest ranges here on Catwalk Rugs. An absolutely stunning mix of pattern and design that surprises constantly with every rug. Ascot, Wire, Funk or Guild and even digitally printed florals boldly adorn this new collection that already has people talking about this hot brand new to Australian shores.
A colourful range focusing on hand tufted creation and designed in the UK.
Focusing on florals, solids, pastels, spot design and layered textures - we're sure there's more than a few rugs in this range you're going to fall in love with.

Be sure not to miss the checkered colouful box patterning of the Funk rug, the simple yet cut texture solids of Ascot and Grosvenor or the pastel perfection of the Pastel Holborn. Also dabbling in playfulness is the Sofia range, featuring uneven circles and spots slightly raised to create added texture to an already dramatic design.


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