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Kim Black Design enters the scene - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Kim Black Design enters the scene - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

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Did you know Catwalk Rugs works with designers who have chosen us as their go-to rug range? 



Kim Black is one such designer, based in QLD and a proud member of the Queensland Interior Decorators Association.

She's exceptionally gifted at interior design (as seen in the images to the right and below!), and due to her genuine passion for the art - is happy to take on projects both big and small.

Whether you're wanting to spice up a specific area in your space or do a big make over, Kim will personally take care of you from start to finish. 

If you're in the Queensland area and looking for an interior designer, you can find her here:

Examples of interior design work

Also, you can check out our Designer Rugs collection here.

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