Your complete guide to Machine Made Rugs

Durability - 3 to 20 years + (depending on material used)

Manufacturing time - 2 to 3 months

Machine made rugs work. They're cheaper, effective, and do a great job with consistent results. They aren't one of a kind, and can be limited in their ability to create detailed and intricate design. Once production has begun on a machine made rug, the set colours can't be changed.
The amount of colour available can also be limited too.

These rugs are usually made from one of the following materials:


polypropylene fibre
wool fiber
Sisal fiber





What they are is an error free, consistent rug with little to no flaws. If you like the look of the design of a particular rug, the texture is right, and the materials it's created with have the benefits you're looking for - we'd definitely recommend this type of rug to you. If your floor piece should be a one of a kind unique piece with a story, then have a look at a hand tufted or handmade rug!

Handmade rugs will normally have a longer lifespan and reflect a different quality to that of machine made rugs. However, a well maintained woolen machine made rug can last decades!
Machine made rugs often go well in modern settings - due to their perfect uniformity and often more simple colours being used- which matches the sleek and simple look of their surrounding decor.

machine made rug in brick setting

How are Machine Made rugs made?

Large machines have hundreds of spindles of fibre that are mechanically woven into a thin mesh backing.
 Machine made rugs can also be called 'power loomed'. Once the design has been chosen and programmed into a computer, it will know the size and patterning to be used for that particular machine run. The power loom is then strung with either jute or cotton.  Polypropylene rugs, sisal rugs or wool rugs are just some types of machine-made rugs.

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