Your complete guide to Flatwoven Rugs

Durability - 20 years +
Manufacturing time - 3 to 4 months

The term flat-weave applies to kilim, braided, dhurrie, and soumak rugs that are woven by hand in a flat-weave pattern. One of the first immediate differences you'll notice between a flat-weave rug and other rugs is that it has no hard backing. In other words, it has no base material and there's no pile and height. This also means that most flat-weave rugs will be fully reversible. Because there's no backing, slipping can sometimes be an issue. Luckily, we provide a free rug pad with every rug purchase to stop this from happening!

These rugs are made from one of the following materials:

cotton fiber

wool fiber
jute fiber

Due to the construction method used, texturing will be quite similar throughout all flat-weave rugs, but there is a huge variety of patterns and colours available.

How are flat-weave rugs made?

What happens is the fabric is either handwoven or braided onto a loom, which in turn gives the rug shape, texture and form.

Flatweave making process

As mentioned above, there's no actual base to the rug and both sides are the same. The rug strands are horizontal rather than vertical! This makes the rug much thinner than usual rugs, and thus they have the name 'flat-weave rugs'. Once the rug is finished and off the loom it's cleaned, stretched and sometimes binding is applied for extra strength too.

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