Why Sisal rugs can be a great choice


Sisal is the fibre you'll be looking at if you want a natural and textured look.


These rugs are great for

Family roomsWhere you should place Sisal rugs
The office
Play rooms
Rumpus rooms
Pool changing rooms
Computer rooms


These rugs are not so great forWhere you shouldn't use Sisal Rugs





This 100% sustainable and biodegradable fibre is extremely hard wearing and strong! In fact it's one of the strongest fibres within the plant based rug material range. Normally when we say that, we'll also say it's great for outdoors, the kitchen or the bathroom but this is not the case with Sisal Fibre as this material has water retention properties.

Due to anti-static properties, this rug is unlikely to attract dirt and dust making it ideal for computer rooms and offices. Sound insulation could also be another benefit of this fibre if you're looking at placing this in an office setting.
If you're prone to allergies or have asthma, look into this rug - as you should suffer no such reactions with Sisal (again, good for the office with a diverse range of people).

Sisal Rug image

If you're going for a more natural look, definitely check out this material.
This type of natural fibre rug will normally not use artificial colours or chemicals, which also means you won't have to worry about sunlight damage or colour fading.
Natural dyes are usually the dye of choice, if they are dyed at all.
In fact, Sisal is one of the preferred choices of interior designers looking to provide a textured look for their clients.

One downside is that if you're looking for a soft luxurious rug, this isn't the rug for you! Sisal is known for rough texture. If you do want a foot massage by walking on this rug, this rug IS for you!

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