Rug country of origin - Iran, Turkey, Egypt, China, India and the Netherlands

Looking at a rug on the Catwalk?

Chances are, it's from one of the rug making powerhouses in the world - Netherlands, China, Turkey, Egypt or India. Let's quickly go over which countries rugs are coming from and what they all specialise in!



Netherlands makes up the majority of the massive Brink & Campman range and now produces some of the finest rugs in the world. Producing mainly 100% woollen rugs of high quality craftsmanship, the design coming out of the Netherlands is also top tier. A great extremely safe choice for anyone that is looking for both top quality design and materials.

Brink and Campman Netherlands
Brink & Campman Metal 18904 - Made in the Netherlands



China is a leader in hand tufted and hand hooked rugs, and that includes shags too. They're a major player in the polypropylene rug industry and, which make up a large component of most outdoor rugs. The rugs coming out of China are normally cheaper to produce and sell and depending on what you're looking for in a rug, especially if it's an outdoor rug, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Rug Culture made in China
Platinum Shag by Rug Culture - from China



Power looming is the specialty of rugs made in Turkey. Quite similar in terms of production to that of Egypt, rugs from Turkey are mostly machine made rugs.
Great traditional design, and from a country that has the rug making process down pat.

Rug made in turkey
Rug Culture Gemini 507 multi-rug - made in Turkey



Egypt is the largest supplier of machine made rugs in the world.
They use what's called a Wilton loom, which makes the process of feeding yarn into the loom a lot easier. Don't forget that machine made rugs can use any type of fibre, including wool! Egypt is also a major supplier of indoor and outdoor rugs which will last for ages, due to the materials and manufacturing process being used.

Marquee Rug from Egypt
Egyptian made Marquee 300 from Rug Culture



Hand knotted and hand tufted rugs are a common export of India, and are world famous for their consistently great quality.  The majority of Indian rugs are woollen but it's not uncommon to find synthetic rugs come out of this country too. Like Turkey, India produces some great intricate and traditional design that's great for adding some culture to a space.

Rug Made in India
Harlequin Tembok 43108 from Harlequin - made in India



Home of the famous Persian Rug! Iran produces some amazing works of art and has a long and rich rug making history. A major supplier of handmade rugs of which we actually have a huge range of here at Catwalk Rugs. Most of the rugs coming out of Iran are woollen.

You may be surprised to know that these handmade Persian rugs can price anywhere from $500 up to $20000 depending on construction, artist, materials used and a whole range of factors. Some of the most coveted rugs in the world come from Iran.
rug made in Iran

The birth place of some of the most exquisite rugs in the world.

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