The Catwalk Rugs team is made up of rug specialists and interior designers with an eye for the latest trends in interior design. Many of our designer rugs are selected to complement specific designer furniture pieces of the moment, and go a long way in helping bring together the certain aesthetic you are trying to achieve for your space.

We work with a number of up-and-coming designers as well as established industry members who use us exclusively as their rug retailer when they need a prestigious designer rug for their clients. From Rug Republic to Rug Culture and even Sanderson rugs.

We’re proud to be the premier online rug store for such a fantastic group of interior decorators and designers. Some of the rugs from our online shop have been featured in a variety of publications including Vogue Magazine, Inside Out, Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Living Magazine. We’ve even had some of our designer collection featured on The Block.

Away from the glamour and spotlight Catwalk Rugs has also been supplying our valued clients with superior quality floor coverings for many years. Offering free shipping on every rug, it’s no wonder Catwalk Rugs has become the number one choice for online rug purchases Australia wide.

If our great customer service, superior designer range, and free shipping isn’t enough to put your mind at ease, we also offer hassle free returns on our rugs if you’re not completely satisfied with your choice. The designer rug you picked not a great fit? Send it back and pick another one- easy!








Sanderson Rugs offer a creative collection of designs and colours and we are proud at Catwalk Rugs to work with the prestigious collection. Sanderson is recognised as one of the UK's leading designers of luxury fabrics, wallpapers and interior accessories. Their designers have worked with Brink & Campman in the Netherlands to create this stunning range of rugs. The collections comprise of hand tufted rugs from India using a Pure Wool pile in standard and custom sizes.
The latest range translates some of the most iconic Sanderson designs onto rugs. Offered in Sanderson’s distinctive colour palette, these stunning rugs complement the fabrics and wallpapers in the collections and will bring a touch of instant glamour to your home. Diverse themes also ensure that Sanderson are able to cater to a wide variety of taste so browse our online rug collection to be blown away by the beautiful assortment within.


Quality is also a core component of Sanderson rugs. With each purchase expect a highly durable rug designed to not only be beautiful to look at, but designed to stay that way. Every rug undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure every floor piece meets the high standards of their clients.


Enjoy the collection and be inspired to transform your house into the home you have always wanted today. With our free shipping and hassle free returns policy for all of our designer rugs, there has never been a better time to purchase your first designer carpet.




Producing quality rugs for over 100 years, Brink & Campman is one of the most influential rug brands today. A proven powerhouse of fashion, boasting unparalleled design knowledge, quality production techniques, and the ability to not only stay on top of the trends but be the brand that others follow for inspiration. Brink & Campman is a trend setter.
Three types of rugs stand out amongst Brink & Campman’s creations. Their hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs, and Axminster woven rugs. Given the age of Brink & Campman, it is not surprising that when creating rugs via traditional methods they are particularly noteworthy. For example their Kodari, Everest and Himali collections are hand knotted using a traditional Tibetan highland method in Nepal. Within their Kodari and Everest range, 30% Tibetan highland wool and 70% New Zealand wool are used in order to create long lasting, deep, vibrant colours in their rug collections.

In contrast, the Himali range is knotted in hand spun and hard-carded Tibetan wool. Every process has a purpose with Brink & Campman, as we learn that these techniques used in the Himali collection serve to produce more earthy tones, a well-known feature of the Himali range.
Brink & Campman's range is extraordinary, being able to produce distinctly varied inspired works in order to satisfy any type of space. With strong European influences they bring together quality, style and contemporary design to present annual collections to add that touch of personality to your floor.
To the point of quality Brink and Campman utilities propriety yarns to ensure the final product is of the highest standard. This results in a long lasting product that is sure to be a focal point of any room.
Perfection is of paramount importance and in this rug collection you can expect the final products to undergo significant quality testing prior to release. Each individual piece is assessed prior to shipment to ensure your satisfaction.
With style and quality at the heart of all Brink and Campman pieces it’s easy to see why they have remained a top designer and thought leader in the flooring fashion industry for many years.






Scion rugs feature bright and colourful designs with a truly unique twist. Simple elegance is a common theme across the range which results in versatile rugs that are sure to be a valuable addition to any room.

Scion Rugs have been designed in the UK by the fashionable British name that forms part of the Harlequin group. Scion is recognised for their trendy designs in wallpapers and fabrics and they have now created a partnership with Brink & Campman, Netherlands to introduce a selection of rugs to complement their existing products.

Catwalk Rugs are delighted to have been selected as one of select worldwide retailers of this exclusive collection of rugs. Each piece has been hand tufted by Artisans in India using the finest pure wool yarns. The spirited designs and bold colours will create a statement in any room of your home. The designer collection is stocked in three standard sizes or can be made to measure to your requirements. Due to the success of our initial rug collection, the latest contribution brings the second collection from the brand which features five stunning designs plus a new colour way of our iconic Mr Fox rug in aqua and orange.
Playful and imaginative, the Scion collection is one that evokes instant feelings of joy and wonder and all done with such simple beauty.
Scion also boast a range of textures to choose from, so no matter the preferred feel under your feet Scion rugs are sure to have something to cater to your taste.
Have a look through our online showcase and you will soon realise how a Scion rug can be a truly valuable addition to your home or office. With free shipping Australia wide on all our designer rugs, it’s a perfect time to grab yourself a new rug!



Wedgwood is globally known as a brand to be relied upon for style, quality and luxury. With an amazing 250 year heritage, they have the experience and ability to create some truly wonderful rugs that follow that iconic look Wedgwood is known for.

Established in 1759 by a Josiah Wedgwood at the age of 29 years old as a famous pottery house within the Staffordshire area, UK.

In modern times, Wedgwood is one of the world leaders in luxury home design and remains true to the legacy of Josiah Wedgwood by providing us with classic and contemporary pieces that translate exceedingly well to the flooring space.

Wedgwood designs are often simple and speak of heritage, sophistication and a mastery of design. Opting for soft tones of colour, these rugs will quietly complete a room to create an overall look of elegance.





HarlequinInterestingly enough, the word "Harlequin" has its origins based in French passion plays, representing mischievous little devils. The Harlequin persona came to the UK in the early 17th century and inspired the name of the leading UK based interior design brand we know today.
This shows in their innovative cheeky designs, which are often an exciting marriage of classic mixed with contemporary, daring blended with elegant; Harlequin’s works never fail to impress the style conscious individual.
Harlequin's rug collections are a prime example of what can happen when creative hand tufted individuality is joined with inspired design. Some of the latest adventures of Harlequins have splashed into the mischievous world of children’s rugs. Their design, on par with the playful nature of children, is well suited to creating unique memories for your little ones as they grow up experiencing the joys and wonders of life.

Our interior designers recommend using these rugs to complement other features within your room, such as matching the colours with your wallpaper, bedspreads or curtains. This works extremely well if you’re trying to create a bright themed room with a complementary aesthetic. Be careful making sure your pattern choices don’t negatively clash and add to much confusion to the overall design. Apart from that, let your creativity flow!
With free shipping Australia wide on all our designer rugs available through our online showroom, there’s never been a better time to buy that rug you’ve had your eye on. We also provide hassle free returns on all our rugs if you’re not completely satisfied with your choice.
As a selected partner, Catwalk Rugs is extremely proud and excited to be presenting these unique Harlequin rugs to you and we hope they will hold a special place in your heart and your child’s heart for years to come.




Ted BakerTed Baker has always had a focus on quality, and his new rug range is no different. His unparalleled attention to detail and ability to come up with never before seen design has been remarkable since entering the rug scene. 
Catwalk Rugs has been the first Australian retailer to pick up this hot new brand, hitting the online rugs space and making waves this year!

From the digitally printed 'Marble', to the Navy Paisley rug inspired by the peacock- we're sure there are more than a few rugs within this collection you're going to fall in love with. One of our top recommendations for anyone wanting the highest quality of rugs for their bedroom, living room or dining room.

Ted Baker has succeeded in many other avenues of design in the past and it looks like his adventure into rugs will be no different.







Bluebellgray was established in 2009 by Fiona Douglas, who continues a vision based on her love of floral patterns and pairing these with a unique 'painted' look. Her designs are modern, yet can easily go alongside more vintage settings as demonstrated in the images below.

Bluebellgray rugs will typically satisfy an audience that is looking for something a bit more unique, relaxing and homely to complement their existing themes. Fiona's artistic mindset doesn't stop at design alone, as she places a huge emphasis on the quality of materials used so that they may be worthy of her inspired floral visions. This integrity and quality has been recognised by fashion minded individuals the world over.

Of special note is that each and every design is hand painted before being transferred onto natural cottons and linens using cutting edge printing technology. Even the process of design alone is a fascinating combination mixing the old and the new, the modern and the vintage. This process hints at one possible reason as to why Fiona's rug designs can have such a rare dualistic nature.

Bluebellgray rugs commonly feature abstract designs with an emphasis on fresh colour. Expect to see floral themes, painted canvas effects and more in this beautiful and uplifting range. Works of art by this talented designer translate beautifully to the rugs and look just like a water colour painting. A true statement rug, Bluebellgray is a very special rug collection that evokes beauty and femininity.

More than a rug, each Bluebellgray item is truly a piece of art. For a floor worth taking a moment to stop and admire, these rugs are an obvious choice. With free shipping available Australia wide for all of our designer rugs featured in our online store, there has never been a better time to buy a new rug!













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