Wedgwood is globally known as a brand to be relied upon for style, quality and luxury. With an amazing 250 year heritage, they have the experience and ability to create some truly wonderful rugs that follow that iconic look Wedgwood is known for.

Established in 1759 by a Josiah Wedgwood at the age of 29 years old as a famous pottery house within the Staffordshire area, UK.

In modern times, Wedgwood is one of the world leaders in luxury home design and remains true to the legacy of Josiah Wedgwood by providing us with classic and contemporary pieces that translate exceedingly well to the flooring space.

Wedgwood designs are often simple and speak of heritage, sophistication and a mastery of design. Opting for soft tones of colour, these rugs will quietly complete a room to create an overall look of elegance.

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