Momo Rugs

Committed to responsible design since our beginnings, our Recycled Plastic Bottle Rug is possibly our most sustainable product to date. This collection, manufactured by Momo Rugs, is made of repurposed plastic bottles. The collection takes its design cues from patterns seen on the surface of and under the ocean.

These rugs are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. They are therefore most likely our most sustainable products up to now. The recycled plastic bottles have been transformed into soft yarn, related to cotton or wool, and then handwoven in beautiful patterned rugs. Every rug is unique. Rugs made of Pet yarn have a high durability and are easy to clean. Unique features: They do not absorb liquids or dirt. Is easily cleaned with water and mild detergent. Furthermore, after many years of use, your rugs can be recycled once more. 

Plastic waste causes a lot of damage to our planet. A growing wave of consciousness is catching the attention of many people all around the world. The plastic that we throw away pollutes our countryside and waterways, this brings damage to nature everywhere. It would be better for the world to stop producing single-use plastic, to reduce the generation of waste.

Greenpeace pleads that recycling is an absolute necessity for dealing with waste. Surprisingly only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled. So we want to stimulate recycling. Therefore we have made certain choices during the developing of this collection that contribute to the creation of textiles for a better future. Rugs are a good product choice for the use of recycled plastics. Unlike clothing, rugs do not need to be washed often and have a long lifespan.

Let’s work together towards a cleaner world. With these Rugs in your home you automatically contribute to a cleaner world.