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Ligne Pure has always been synonymous with a product made of the highest quality materials combined with traditional artisanship and elegant design.

Each and every rug is an entirely new world of creativity, using a vast array of textures, techniques, and materials. Each and every rug blends superior craftsmanship inspired by distinctive design concepts. These decorative rugs come from around the globe and are made of the finest materials to be found anywhere. 

Ligne Pure translates creativity and imagination into beauty that harmonises with any choice of interior style.Their designs come in a variety of sizes as well as made-to-measure. They range from classical simplicity to trend-setting showpieces and blend refreshing new style ideas with quality and service at an affordable price. Catwalk Rugs now stocks the entire Ligne Pure Collection with access direct from the factory for any stock that exceeds local supply.

Catwalk Rugs is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Ligne Pure rugs, for the first time in Australia. The Ligne Pure Rug Collection, in our opinion, make some of the finest Area Rugs, worldwide.

Let us help you bring that final touch of perfection to your home at Catwalk Rugs : Walk on Luxury. 

Ligne Pure Rugs are: 

  • Handmade: By the highest skilled artisans, implying that every rug is a unique piece as a result of being handcrafted. Slight differences and deviations that may be noticed are regarded as a benefit from this work and not in any way an imperfection. 
  • No Child Labour: From sourcing of materials to the complete construction of each rug, no child labour of any kind is accepted from any supplier or source. Each rug gives a contribution to the NGO 'Project Mala' Charity, which sole purpose was to assist in the abolition of child labour in the carpet industry. 
  • Material: The material sourcing is taken to a worldwide level to find only the absolute best in materials. Each Rug may include, wool, hand spun viscose, bamboo silk, tencel, jute, hemp, cotton, faux fur and polyester.
  • Custom Sizing: These Rugs are made to order. But for for those who can't wait, these rugs are available in standard sizes to compliment most spaces. For a quote on custom sizing, please email
  • Standard Sizing: 200X140, 240X170CM, 300X200CM & 350X250CM

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