Big and bold Heriz Persian Rugs are handwoven by Kurdish weavers in the city and surrounding villages of Heriz, northwest of Iran, not far from the city of Tabriz. The designs are easily recognisable; in the centre, there is a large geometric medallion with marked corner sections. Heriz rugs, with their high-quality wool, are well known for their durability and longevity and are very suitable for high traffic areas. A thicker yarn is typically used in production, resulting in an exceptionally dense and soft pile but a relatively low knot count. The foundation of recent Heriz is always a cotton warp and weft.The excellent traditional construction means Heriz Rugs are hugely resilient to wear and are suitable for use in high-traffic areas. Rich and vibrant colours tones with ivory highlights are very typical and mature beautifully over time. Variations in colour throughout the pile, a result of the hand spinning of the wool, add to the unique and rustic appearance.
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