About the Designer

Growing up in Guernsey, Claire was surrounded by nature’s colours and textures. Being introduced to natural textile design and production from a young age, she fell in love with the way materials and colours impact how we feel, while enriching our daily experiences. Claire studied design at the London College of Fashion, part of University of Arts London. After her studies, she worked for a luxury fashion brand but her passion for woven textiles and the weaving process has led her on a path of founding Claire Gaudion studio.

“Setting up my own business made me dive deep into my ideas and preferences, and think about how I can make a difference with the designs I create. I love the way the colours and textures that we surround ourselves with can have a positive influence on us, and how interiors textiles can transform a space.”

The Studio

Based in Hampshire, Claire Gaudion textile design studio specialises in creating high quality contemporary rugs and artisan fabrics for interiors. Since 2013, we have been committed to the artisans, and their communities, who help us create our woven textiles and handmade rugs.  As part of our mission, we want to support textile traditions, skills and craftsmanship so they can be passed on to future generations.

Design Inspiration, by Nature

“Nature has always been my biggest inspiration. Observing its rhythms of light, shadows, colours, textures and scale, and understanding its effect on our wellbeing is something that I’m instinctively drawn to.” Claire Gaudion 

Claire’s close relationship with nature lends itself to the exploration of Biophilic design. First popularised in America by biologist Edward O Wilson in the 1980’s, Biophilic design puts human connection to nature at its heart and advocates bringing nature and references to nature indoors to enhance our mood, behaviour and well-being. Claire is particularly interested in the research that shows how using a diversity of nature references and biomimicry - including colour, pattern and texture - have significant and important roles to play.


We think of textile design as a collaborative process. Through every step, from initial design concepts to making the finished product, many people, many conversations and many skills are involved. We work with an extensive network of highly skilled craftspeople to create our collections. 


These rugs and textiles are made using a range of artisan weaving techniques, from traditional hand knotted rugs, to hand loom weaving and the more modern style of hand tufting. You can view the hand knotting process and how our yarns are dyed in our short video. Plus, read more about these different weaving methods. 

Cushions & Throws 

Our cushions and fabrics are designed and hand woven by Claire at our studio. Hand weaving is part of her design process, exploring the interaction of colours and the effects of different weave structures at the loom. Once the designs are finalised, these hand woven samples and weaving drafts are sent to our specialist mills in Britain, India and Pakistan for the fabrics to be woven. 

Designer Rug Collections

Our rugs are made in collaboration with Momo Rugs who bring four decades of experience in the rug industry to our partnership.  Each rug is designed by Claire and then crafted by our artisan makers in India and Europe. Different makers specialise in hand knotted, hand tufted and hand loom flat weaves to ensure exceptional quality is always maintained. We consider provenance and fair trade to be fundamental to our company relationships and Momo Rugs are proudly endorsed by Care & Fair.

It is with great pleasure we offer this wonderfully executed catalogue exclusively on Catwalk Rugs for the delight of our Aussie community. 

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