Urban and Alfresco: Indoor and Outdoor - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Urban and Alfresco: Indoor and Outdoor - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

There are two main types of rugs based on situational use, Indoor Rugs and Outdoor Rugs.
Indoor rugs can be most any type of material, with wool being the most common and highly esteemed of them all - offering comfort, warmth, and durability.
One of the few weakness of wool is actually water - which is why Outdoor rugs are always made from a more synthetic material such as Heat Set Polypropylene.

We like to focus on rugs for all types of customers and lifestyles, which is why we've introduced Urban (indoor) and Alfresco (outdoor).

Introducing the Urban Rug

For a new collection, the choice of design is actually quite large and encompasses cutting edge style and design being arguably some of the best that Rug Culture has brought us this 2016. Masterful blends of different variations of material such as jute, wool and cotton that create not your average indoor rug, but an adventure of texture available in 24 different variations.

Of particular note within this range is the stunning variation within a single collection, tailored specifically to suit a wide range of taste as we move in to the spring and summer seasons this 2016. Our intention with this range is to surprise with unique design not often seen in a rug, and impress with outstanding quality given the price point these rugs are selling at.


Alfresco - Indoor and Outdoor? We have a rug for you

Alfreso is a milestone in outdoor/indoor rug fashion. The carefully picked name of Alfresco translates to 'taking place, or located in the open air', which is quite a fitting name for this indoor/outdoor rug that feels at home in almost any setting.

Non shedding pile that's perfect for high traffic areas, along with being low allergen and anti-static. Sixteen varied designs, with the dual purpose nature of this rug in mind - focusing on a colour scheme reminiscent of nature itself.

Another feature of our outdoor rugs at Catwalk Rugs is that they are  UV stable, meaning they won't fade in the hot Australian climate.


alfresco close upThe backing of the Alfresco rug is also durable and water repellant enough to allow for hosing down - which makes for easy cleaning. Easy to roll up, light enough to transport yet heavy enough to not be affected by the wind, and soft enough to sit on.

Available in 160 x 110 cm, 220 x 150 cm, 270 x 180 cm, 320 x 230 cm - a generous variety of situational sizing which further goes along with the theme of 'flexibility' that this rug has been created for.

Starting at only $59 and given the quality of construction and design, the Alfresco range is quite a bargain!



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