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Wool Rug Cleaning - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Wool Rug Cleaning - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Tips for Wool Rug Maintenance

Having wool rugs around the house is a great aesthetic choice and can really spice up a space. They are an amazing addition to classically-themed decors and go ideally with old school furniture.

However with all that they offer, thanks to the natural fibres they consist of - Wool rugs require more attention than a carpet and rug cleaning is a task that many people tend to neglect.

Some of our rugs here at Catwalk Rugs can be a bit of an investment - so why not learn how to take care of your rug properly so that it will last a lifetime?

Here are some tips that will make that job as simple as possible: 

  • Matrix round rugIf you have long hair or any pets and expect that there will be plenty of hair in the rug, then brush as much as possible off with a soft or (maybe) medium-stiff bristled brush before using the vacuum cleaner. Taking a vacuum cleaner to the rug every few days will be ideal. Always keep the cleaner’s power setting on ‘high’, but don’t stay too long in one place or you might damage the wool fibres!
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to take care of the underside as well – many people forget that it can be source of dirt as well. Having a rug pad helps to negate this need - which we offer for free with every rug purchase.
  • Immediately take care of spilled food or drinks on the carpet. Keeping the stain for too long might result in making the damage permanent.
  • When dealing with a spilled liquid, press a colourless cloth or sponge against the surface of the rug to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and then start cleaning it. Don’t scrub before you absorb the liquid or you might spread the damage. Scrubbing wet wool is usually going to be bad news!
  • Dry foam is a good tool for rug cleaning.
  • When browsing through different cleaners, avoid products containing bleach and hydrogen peroxide as they might lead to discolouring.

  • As far as home cleaning fluids go, don’t use baking soda or it will leave a stain of its own. It is much better to use liquid cleaners.
    Scotch guard for liquid stains on rugs
    • Scotch guard is a good tool to protect a wool rug, but remember – it repels stains only for a time. You should still react immediately to a spill to use it to the best effect.
    • Green cleaning is highly recommended for wool rugs. If you have kids, you may not want them playing on rugs cleaned with chemicals and toxins.
    • Of course, if you have encountered a stain you cannot handle by yourself, there is no shame in using a reliable cleaning company. Professional cleaners know exactly how to react to tougher and seemingly impossible stains, so if you can afford it – hire a professional cleaner.
    • Since you only want rug cleaning, there is no reason to research cleaning agencies. Just pick a local one you have received a recommendation from, just ask friends and family!

    Use these tips to keep your wool rugs in tiptop shape. Your floors will always look good with a frequently maintained rug, so do your best to give them some love and care!

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