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Sydney Cat Cafe Promotion - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Sydney Cat Cafe Promotion - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Catwalk Rugs will be providing the Sydney Cat Cafe with some floor rugs for their pop up event this August, along with a little special something else to be announced later!

What is Sydney Cat Cafe?

Sydney Cat Cafe FlyerA Cat Cafe is just like a regular cafe, except... cats!
Many Sydney dwellers are unable to afford the time to own a cat, along with the numerous residential/council restrictions within most apartments here. A cat cafe has rightly so been deemed necessary by self proclaimed cat crazy founder Veronica Morland. 

And it looks like that's what Sydney wants!  

Since her first pop up shop a few months ago, she's hardly been able to keep up with demand. Media coverage from every angle . A flood of support via their social media channel. People turning up to the event in cat costumes!

What's more is that Sydney Cat Cafe is partnering with rescue shelters across Sydney to give some kitties a deserving home.

We love this idea, so we've decided to help in any way we can.

For the time being, this involves providing the catrons patrons and cats of the pop up events with some vibrant, colourful and hard-wearing rugs.

We'll also be cheering them on from our Sydney office and use all of the above as an excuse to make a visit ourselves and get some much needed cat cuddles.

Interested in giving them a visit?

Check out the Sydney Cat Cafe website here for details on their next pop up!

You can also check out our interview of Veronica Morland, the founder of Sydney Cat Cafe.

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