Three Tips for Modern Rug Design - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Three Tips for Modern Rug Design - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Modern rug design in a word, simple. In two words, simple and stylish!

That's what should be at the forefront of your mind at all times when choosing a rug online to fit in with your existing decor.

We'll be touching upon the 3 basic premise of modern decor design, in order to help you choose which rug would best suit your space.  

For that reason, we've decided to focus upon the groundwork of creating a modern environment!


Modern design is generally fairly simple. If it's not simple, it will normally be taking many simplistic pieces and arranging them in a complicated manner in order to again achieve a simple look.

If you want to have a modern space, clutter needs to go. I almost stated that non essentials need to also be sacrificed in the name of style, but this isn't entirely true!

A well thought out non essential piece can fit into your space if it purposefully compliments your existing look.

Modern rug design comparison

Simple decorations are extremely effective in Modern spaces!

Last but not least, Feng Shui has been telling us for years the reduced clutter = a better flow of energy and reduced stress. Modern science has also started telling us the same thing!

Using Technology in Modern Design

Some of us automatically do this without thinking, but really..... modern technology is actually perfect for modern design in many ways!

Take for example the latest iphone. Sleek and compact (well... 2015 is a little different with the phablet phase being on trend right now).

iphone in modern design

The latest gaming devices are also starting to look a little fashionable!
Less cords, smaller, quieter, slimmer.

Nintendo wiiU in modern design

And the most obvious, televisions. With the right TV, it can even be a focal point of design in a space.

Modern Television Design

Honestly, most of these new technologies aren't the huge investment they once were and a new, great looking and slim television can cost as little as $500-$700 these days as opposed to ten years ago whereby you would be paying anywhere upwards of $2000 for a slim one. Food for thought!

Open space

To tie these other two ideas in together and what we've been working towards... space!
New technology allows you to have more space.

A simple decor style allows you to have more space. This is one of the key elements. Even if you don't have a large room, you can work with these concepts and with the right rug you can give the appearance of space.

Have you heard the saying "That rug really opens up a room"? This is what it means! The rug isn't physically altering the space-time dimensions of the room, the patterns and colour is creating an illusion of space. 

Sanderson Poppy Rug
Learn more about choosing the right texture and style of rugs for your living space here.

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