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Buy Rugs Online: The top 3 reasons why Catwalk Rugs is a great choice - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Buy Rugs Online: The top 3 reasons why Catwalk Rugs is a great choice - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Buying rugs online isn't quite the same thing as buying a new television, a movie, or subscribing to your favourite magazine through their website.

It's a personal decision that uses what we like to call the C.A.T. system!

Buy rugs online with C.A.T

  • Careful Planning - An important part of planning is listening to your own thoughts on your space, area, decor, texture, and own personal style. Once you're got all of those thoughts planned out, sometimes it's a great idea to ask for advice to make sure you haven't missed anything or to get some new ideas!
  • Advice - All this planning needs advice and feedback. It all comes down to what you're happy with, but you want to make sure your ideas look great to others too! You might even gain new inspiration due to some helpful feedback.
  • Thought - A lot of thought goes into the design aspects of a rug and which one will suit your space. Once you've done your planning and gotten your advice, give yourself some time to think and then repeat the process again until you're completely satisfied!

So why CatwalkRugs?

We understand the above process, and have created Catwalk with these steps in mind. This helps us make sure you have all the tools and help you need to make the best rug decision ever!

1. Planning

All of our rugs have extreme zoom so you can get up close and personal!
We've provided great, high quality style shots of most of our rugs to give inspiration on where a rug might be suitable, large flat shots of the rug, along with the material, brand, and every other detail you'll need to make a planned and informed decision.

Rug Close upCatwalkRugs is also very easy to navigate your rugs online, with a powerful search toolbar on the left hand side of every product page to help you narrow down your choice even further.

You need to know what  rug looks like up close and personal. To get a feel for the fibers, and the pile length. Our photographs are optimized so you can do just that.

Our wishlist function makes it easy to keep track of your top picks. Just click 'add to wishlist' when you find a product you like and we'll keep track of everything for you so that you can do a direct comparison later! 

2. Advice for online rugs

Have you noticed the Catwalk Cat down the bottom right hand side of the page there? It wants to help you with online rugs!

Just click on the chat popup, send us a message and we'll help you right away.
Catwalk Cat isn't just there for general questions and customer service. He can help you with design questions, provide inspirational ideas and give feedback on any rug choices you have in mind! Forgive him if he's a little too eager to please sometimes.

3. Thought

We actually want you to take your time in buying a rug online, give it some thought, and let us help you make the best choice possible.

Our range is amazing, with the latest trends from the best rug designers all over the world. We know there's a lot of choice in online rugs with Catwalk, but with great choice comes great opportunity! The perfect rug is waiting for you somewhere in CatwalkRugs and we'd love to help you find it.

Head over to our FAQ section for some guides and tips on how to buy rugs at Catwalk Rugs.

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