Why are wool rugs so good? - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

Why are wool rugs so good? - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

"Wool" is pretty much all we're going to say in this short article. So honestly... this isn't too much of a guide with multiple options and choices, it's more-so just us telling you why wool is an amazing material . This is more of a "you'll be wanting a 100% woolen rug for winter" kind of guide. Why?

Wool Spindles

Wool fibres have a twisty property,  which is normally most visible on an uncut sheep.
There are also extremely tiny 'shingles' on the surface of the actual fiber!

What these two fiber properties help to do is trap warm air and keeps it from moving around too much, especially if you're laying, wearing, sitting on it, or have another source of heat such as a heater to help speed this process up even more.

Don't worry though, a woolen rug won't make an area hotter during summer.
Warmth is all about air retention, and wool excels in this area.

Woollen rug flat shot  

In fact, here's a list of heat retention of unaltered fibers, from best to worst:


Source: (Kadolf, et al. 1993. Textiles, 7th ed. Macmillan)



Nothing really comes close to a woolen rug in terms of warmth and comfort so if you're in the mood for a new rug this winter, make a woolen rug your number one priority!

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