Autumn Rug Trends and Tips

Autumn Rug Trends and Tips

Fashion comes and goes, and if you’re passionate about keeping up with the times you will want to ensure your home decor does not become dated.

This may seem like a difficult task. Updating your furniture and fittings every couple of years is not only daunting but impractical. Re-working your soft furnishings however, is a much more cost effective and practical way to reflect trending themes throughout your home. For example, refreshing your decor by replacing cushions, artwork and yes…your floor rugs, is very achievable!

Going Neutral
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This season you’ll be seeing a lot of natural fibre rugs including sisal, jute, and flat woven wool in the market. We’re loving the natural and neutral theme. Achieve gorgeous texture and decorate with ease whilst using Eco-friendly and sustainable products within your home. Also, take note of the use of grey, black and white block and colour combinations this season.  These colours have been hugely popular in the very popular Scandinavian decorating theme.

Pops of Colour

People have become more confident with bright colours the last few months which is why you’ll see some incredibly fun and bright colours in the fashion industry. Make a statement by using rich and vibrant hues in your home.

Pretty Pastels

Another common colour theme in interior decorating this season is pastel colours. Soft pinks, green, yellow and blue provide a gentle and feminine touch to any space. Work with grey, white or pine furniture to achieve some stunning results. We’re loving this fresh look!

The key to attaining a designer look in your home is to invest in neutral furniture and fittings so that you can easily update your soft furnishings to get the latest seasonal looks. It’s incredible how you can completely change the look of a space simply by re-working your rugs, cushions, curtains and other decorating items. Happy decorating!

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