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A Guide to Storing Your Rug - The Catwalk Rugs Journal

A Guide to Storing Your Rug - The Catwalk Rugs Journal
Let’s be honest, we are all rug lovers and can’t get enough of them. Sometimes we can accumulate too many (hard to believe, right?), or may want to put your rugs in storage for the summer months, regardless, there is a need for you to understand how to properly store your rugs. If you’re storing it in a self-storage facility or garage, you need to properly prepare it. Regardless if it is for long term or for short term storage, here are some of the preparation tips that you should apply in order to ensure that your designer rugs will be in tip top shape the next time that you decide to use it.
  • Ensure the rug is clean prior to storing it.
This is the most important thing that you should do. Get rid of any food particles, dust or dirt in the carpet. If you fail to do this, the food particles might attract pests and bugs that could potentially damage your rug. Any dirt left in the fibers of the rug for many years can eventually lead to rotting of the carpet. Prior to storing your rug, it is recommended that you have it cleaned by a professional to ensure that it is spick and span. In addition to that, apply odourless pest control remedies and insect repellent to the rug as a precaution. If you have a wool rug, check out these wool rug cleaning tips before placing your rug in storage.
  • Make sure that the carpet is completely dry before placing it in the storage.
When moisture sits in the rug for a long period of time, it may cause mildew. Eventually, it will render your rug useless, discoloured and damaged.
Designer rug in lounge
  • Roll it up.
This is a great way for you to reduce the amount of dirt and dust that will be trapped on the fibres of the rug while in storage. When you roll the rug, make sure that the pile will be located inside the roll. In the case of silk rugs, it is the opposite, ensure you ‘reverse roll’ (pile out) your silk rugs so the fibre can breathe.
  • Wrap the rug.
This is also a good way for you to prevent dust and dirt from going inside the carpet. The first thing that you would think about when talking about wrapping is plastic. This is not recommended since this type of material tends to get moisture from the air and then release it inside the wrap. As a result, the water will tend to accumulate inside the wrap and will eventually cause build-up of mildew and mould. If you wish to let your rug breathe, the wrap of choice would be a brown acid free paper.
Wrapping rug with brown acid-free paper
  • Store your rugs off the ground.
If the self-storage facility, or garage is quite small, you would tend to keep the rugs on the ground. This is a big no-no. There are unfortunate events where the water will accidentally get inside the facility, which would reach the carpet and cause mildew and moulds. Have your rugs raised off the ground and if possible paying horizontally. Leaning a rug against a wall for prolonged periods will deform the edge in contact with the ground.
With these simple storage tips, you can maintain the condition of your beloved rug, ready to use whenever you please.

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